Our Team

New Trier Chapter

Nikita Feoktistov


Nikita is a junior at New Trier High School. His interest in computer science started in 6th grade, and he’s been working on expanding his knowledge to more than just software. He has taken many computer science courses at New Trier, works at the IT desk, and is president of 3 computer science related clubs. He joined BinaryHeart to get a better understanding of the hardware behind computers, and has since helped with the creation of the new BinaryHeart task website.

Liam Fleming

Board Member

Liam is a junior at New Trier High School. His interest in computer science sparked once he started exploring how to code in python. Using his skills, he has worked on projects ranging from turning on an LED to setting up a cloud server from home. Liam joined BinaryHeart because he believed that every child should have access to technology and the internet. In his spare time he participates in New Trier's Varsity Rowing, Computer Science, and Cyber Security Clubs.

Kaden Lhee

Board Member

Kaden is a junior at New Trier High School. Originally messing around with some Java and computers, he became heavily invested in computer repairs once joining Binary Heart. Since then he worked to expand the organization, believing that every student should have access to the endless resources provided by technology. A hobbies, Kaden engages in a variety of video games, plays tennis, and attempts to make series of sounds on his violin.

Irene Xu

Board Member

Irene Xu is a junior at New Trier High School. With a software background in java and python, BinaryHeart provided her with the perfect opportunity to develop her hardware skills as well. As someone who uses her computer daily, whether to read astronomy research papers or explore different arguments for debate, she understands the importance of technology as a resource. Therefore, she joined BinaryHeart, not only to enhance her hardware skills, but to also help other students pursue their innate enthusiasm for learning. For fun, Irene enjoys attempting 180-degree jumps on her snowboard, discordantly singing old pop songs with friends, and playing Paganini on her violin.

Corporate Board

Brandon Lee

CEO and Co-founder

Brandon is a senior at New Trier and co-founded BinaryHeart because he wanted to give back to his community in a unique way. He loves helping others, but felt that the usual service activities didn’t let him serve the way he could best. So, being an avid programmer, proficient in Java and C, as well a computer aficionado since elementary school, he joined up with his like-minded friends to create BinaryHeart, which allows him to harness the best of his abilities to help.

Richard Jo


Richard is a senior at New Trier High School. As a policy debater, laptops are necessary for speeches, research, and communication. As such, he learned that education is polarized by access to computers. He joined BinaryHeart to empower the less fortunate, allowing them to access rewarding activities like debate. His passion in computers started through LinusTechTips. Through such videos, he learned that novices can develop a passion for modifying computers—opening up STEM, scholarships and voices on social issues. In a world evolving at an incredible pace, computers allow anyone to have political activism. Therefore, he hopes his knowledge about hardware can be as valuable to others as they are to him.

Marzuk Rashid

Board Chairman and Co-founder

Marzuk is a senior at New Trier High School. Ever since he started coding in second grade, Marzuk has been fascinated by modern technology. Since then, he has built up his technical proficiency by creating websites, building his own computer, and publishing multiple apps. Marzuk co-founded BinaryHeart because he sees it as a rewarding way to develop his skills and help others less fortunate than himself. From BinaryHeart's founding until May of 2019, Marzuk served as President of BinaryHeart. In that role, he led it from a group of four like-minded high school students to a thriving non-profit of over 100 volunteers. Now, Marzuk directs BinaryHeart's innovative vision as Chairman.

Asher Noel

Board Member and Co-founder

Asher’s computer science experience started when he was in 7th grade. He created a fast and streamlined website service for his school that simplified the process of surfing the web. Since that point, he has become versed in multiple object-oriented programming languages and has constructed a custom built, high value, and cost effective personal computer (PC). The PC changed his schooling experience. He sees it as his burden to connect highly ambitious students with the tools they need for achievement. As a co-founder of BinaryHeart, he aspires to help other students reach their dreams.

Edward Lee

Board Member

Edward is a New Trier senior with a rich experience with computers. Since elementary school he has created programs on Scratch, and went on to code his own webpages and programs in JavaScript and Python. Inspired by his experience teaching Minecraft server and game development to children in Chicago with limited access to computers, he swiftly caught interest in BinaryHeart's mission to Spread Digital Access. At BinaryHeart, Edward assists in developing the repair skillsets of our newest volunteers, and chiefly responds to your correspondences via email and phone. When he isn't busy with running track and field, playing music, or binging Korean TV, he gets to your requests as soon as possible!

Alex Gjaja

Alex Gjaja

Board Member