COVID-19 Changes

For Donors

Due to current coronavirus regulations, including Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker’s extended stay-at-home order and the closure of the New Trier High School campus, BinaryHeart will not be conducting pickups or holding drop-off hours until at least 6/1/20.
We highly appreciate our device donors’ support during this time and hope to return to device collection soon!


For Device Recipients

Though we can’t hold organization hours at this time, we still plan to provide devices to contact form applicants. However, deliveries may be delayed. If conducted in-person, the recipient should refer to physical contact guidelines below.
We are prioritizing educational organizations/individuals who need devices to conduct online schooling.
We are excited to collaborate with the Sears School Giving Back Project to bring devices to students and schools.
If you are an applicant or know an applicant for whom these guidelines apply, we strongly encourage you to contact us.
Devices are not guaranteed, but we aim to contribute as many as possible to ensure no student is unduly impacted by the move to online schooling.



More Information

We are extremely grateful to be working with and receiving support from the community during this time! If you’d like to consider sponsoring our mission to close the educational resource gap, you can access more information here.
We hope you all are staying safe and to be able to resume our usual work soon!
P.S. If you’re looking (rightfully) for some heartwarming content– here’s a video of a bunch of cats messing with computers and other technology. Enjoy!