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Brandon Lee

BinaryHeart Essay Contest 2019

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Hello everyone!

We’re pleased to announce BinaryHeart’s very first essay contest! You could win up to $100 in the competition, and anyone under 19 years old is eligible to win! See the flyer below for more details on how to participate.

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New Year

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Happy New Year!

Yesterday was the first meeting of the year, and we’re off to a running start! Several fascinating things happened over the winter break which deserve celebration!

First off, BinaryHeart reached a major milestone: A couple weeks ago, we donated our 100th device! Once again, thank you so much to all of our donors, volunteers, and supporters for making this possible.

Second, yesterday, we also announced our “Junior Leadership,” who will be taking over the positions of the President and Board Members next year. Kaden Lhee, a current junior, will be training with us as the President-Elect, and Irene Xu, Liam Fleming, and Nikita Feoktistov, also juniors, will be training with Kaden as his Junior Board Members. Congratulations to these four, and we have great expectations for you that our organization will continue to thrive and grow under your leadership next year!

“Spreading Digital Access!”

The BinaryHeart Team

Winter Break!

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Happy holidays everyone!

As we go into winter break, we’re going to take this time to thank everyone who has contributed to BinaryHeart so far. First, thank you so much to our donors, to everyone who has donated either through computers or through money. The computers that flow through us are the blood of our organization. Though we will not be receiving computer donations during the break, please keep us in your hearts and minds during the holiday season!

We must also, of course, thank the institutions that form the infrastructure of our organization. Thank you to New Trier for supporting us in countless ways, most importantly providing a place to meet and store our computers. Thank you to Mr. Chris Klimkiewicz and Ms. Jacqueline Pritchard as well, our adult sponsors, for being our link with the school. Thank you also to Northwestern Settlement, for helping us to distribute our computers to those who need them.

Finally: Thank you so much to our members! If our computers are BinaryHeart’s lifeblood, and the school and Northwestern Settlement our bones, then you are our flesh and muscle. As you all know, BinaryHeart actually became a school club last year, and we’ve had tremendous growth since then. All of BinaryHeart’s progress this year can really be attributed to you. Take pride in what you have created! We would especially like to thank our Partners—Bennet Chou, Jack Eggemeyer, Simon Hooper, Richard Jo, and Edward Lee—for serving as role models and leaders in our BinaryHeart community. Another special thanks to the high school seniors of our group; to see their unyielding dedication to BinaryHeart even in this stressful time is inspiring.


Thank you all, and happy holidays!

The BinaryHeart Team